Last updated: 2020 Dec 28
WHO: Global literature on coronavirus disease Collection of more than 147,000 articles (>114,000 are full text articles) from multiple peer-reviewed journals, databases and preprint repositories, with advanced search options. Quick filters available based on common subjects, types of study, journals, year and language. Search engine is also available in 6 non-English languages.
PubMed: special search results > 86,000 hits for the pre-designed query set: "Wuhan coronavirus"[Supplementary Concept] OR covid19 OR covid-19 OR "covid 19" OR 2019ncov OR 2019-ncov OR "2019 ncov" OR "2019 Novel Coronavirus" OR "2019 novel cov" OR (wuhan AND (ncov OR coronavirus)) OR "novel coronavirus pneumonia"
LitCovid: Compilation by the National Library of Medicine from COVID-19 articles in PubMed; can be downloaded >83,000 articles from PubMed under 7 major subject headings (overview, disease mechanism, transmission dynamics, treatment, case report and epidemic forecasting). The database is updated daily with newly published articles. Curation involved. A report on this database: Chen Q, Allot A, Lu Z. LitCovid: an open database of COVID-19 literature. Nucleic Acids Research. 2020
Covidscholar CORD-19 Applies Natural language processing (NLP) to search query terms within a set of research papers related to COVID-19. Filters available: Time, peer-reviewed status, type of article, and subject tag.
iSearch COVID-19 Portfolio Special search tool that retrieves articles from PubMed and preprints from arXiv, bioRxiv, ChemRxiv, medRxiv, Research Square, and SSRN. Curated
DisasterLit >2900 articles obtained with the query set: "covid-19" OR (covid AND 19) OR (coronavirus AND novel) OR Wuhan OR ncov [Disaster Information management research centrer, NIH, NLM]
CORD-19 > 280,000 articles about the novel coronavirus [Wang L.L., Lo K., Chandrasekhar Y., Reas R., Yang J., Eide D., Funk K., Kinney R., Liu Z., Merrill W. CORD-19: the Covid-19 open research dataset. ACL NLP-COVID Workshop. 2020; 2020: Google Scholar]
Cochraine special collections About 40 clinically relevant articles
Curated information at COVID-KOSHA - A few key articles are being curated to extract key findings and corresponding primary data description