About COVID-KOSHA, and the team behind it:

We have created COVID-KOSHA as a knowledge centre to boost the continued fight against Covid-19. But we also intend to create COVID-KOSHA as a 'model database' to aid researchers for any future pandemic. COVID-KOSHA includes novel search features such as a unique classification of scientific literature. While we intend to develop other new features, including tools for data analysis, our current efforts are focused on two aspects:

a) Creating a platform for easy and quicker trans-expertise communication of research initiatives and collaborations across the globe. Towards this, scientific data and information are being painstakingly curated under different subject-headings such as pathophysiology, epidemiology, symptoms, sequence and structure of molecules, and hospital management, from research reports.

b) Several scientific data-sources have been selected, and quick links are provided for the benefit of researchers. Similar effort is made for the benefit of the general public as well. For example, reliable videos and news centres are being compiled. Even though COVID-KOSHA is a joint initiative of IBAB and BBC, there is a sincere interest in establishing collaborations with multiple organizations and expanding the team with scientists, young and experienced, from different countries.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Director, Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre, and Prof. HS Subramanya, the Director of IBAB, have been very supportive of this initiative. We all thank the IT, BT & ST department of the Government of Karnataka for the continued financial and moral support.

The core team of database creators currently consists of Mr. Vishnu TV, Mr. Akkash U, Ms. Payal P, Ms. Lizzi Sharon T, Ms. Nisha T, and Ms. Lipsa B, guided by the principal investigator. While we face the huge uphill task of extracting information from several thousands of relevant research reports, we have now covered some of the key articles. But even this non-trivial progress was possible due to the help from about 50 enthusiastic volunteering data curators associated via BdataA . These volunteers have been working full time or part time from their homes, after initial training and with minimal regular guidance. We invite all researchers involved in Covid-19 research to contribute by uploading their key findings using the forms provided (please see 'Share Knowledge' section).

Currently it is a beta version, and we are still refining some feature. Kindly bear with us for some of the crudeness. But we desperately need to reach out for more volunteers to meet the challenges of the curating the data.

- Kshitish K Acharya, Principal Investigator

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