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Key Findings
Immunosensor based quantification of the ultralow concentration of cytokines (IL-6, TNF-alpha, etc.) present in blood or respiratory samples to monitor local and systemic inflammation.
PMID 33519090
Title Paper biosensors for detecting elevated IL-6 levels in blood and respiratory samples from COVID-19 patients
Author(s) nameAdrover-Jaume C, Alba-Patiño A, Clemente A, Santopolo G, Vaquer A, Russell SM, Barón E, González Del Campo MDM, Ferrer JM, Berman-Riu M, García-Gasalla M, Aranda M, Borges M, de la Rica R.
Journal Sens Actuators B Chem
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Date of publishing2021 Mar 1
This study reports a low-cost, quantitative paper-based electrochemical sensor chip for the digital detection of SARS-CoV-2 within 5 minutes. The biosensor consists of the ssDNA-conjugated AuNPs (gold nanoparticles) that simultaneously target two separate regions of the same SARS-CoV-2 N-gene. The study showed a sensitivity of 231 (copies µL-1)-1 and a limit of detection of 6.9 copies/µL.
PMID 33079516
Title Rapid, Ultrasensitive, and quantitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 Using Antisense Oligonucletides Directed Electrochemical Biosensor Chip
Author(s) nameAlafeef M, Dighe K, Moitra P, Pan D.
Journal ACS Nano
Impact factor13.7
Citation count4
Date of publishing2020 Oct 20
In this study, a simple electrochemical sensor-based diagnostic method is developed to detect the intensity of ROS levels in the sputum samples of candidates for early-stage screening of COVID-19. The assay resulted in accuracy and sensitivity of both 97% within 30 sec.
PMID 32729548
Title Real-time diagnosis of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in fresh sputum by electrochemical tracing; correlation between COVID-19 and viral-induced ROS in lung/respiratory epithelium during this pandemic.
Author(s) nameMiripour ZS, Sarrami-Forooshani R, Sanati H, Makarem J, Taheri MS, Shojaeian F, Eskafi AH, Abbasvandi F, Namdar N, Ghafari H, Aghaee P, Zandi A, Faramarzpour M, Hoseinyazdi M, Tayebi M, Abdolahad M.
Journal Biosens Bioelectron
Impact factor9.52
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Date of publishing2020 Oct 1
This study reports a rapid and inexpensive diagnostic test, called RAPID 1.0 (Real-time Accurate Portable Impedimetric Detection prototype 1.0) which provides a result within 4 minutes. The RAPID technology is based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), which transforms the binding event between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and receptor protein ACE2 into a detected electrical signal. The signal can be read through a desktop instrument or a smartphone.
PMID 33997767
Title Low-cost Biosensor for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 at the Point-of-Care
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