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Key Findings
Maximize overlap to reduce the spreading of infection in domiciliary care for older people.
Title How can risk of COVID-19 transmission be minimised in domiciliary care for older people: development, parameterisation and initial results of a simple mathematical model
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Initiate preventive actions and training programs to reduce the risk of exposure of staff.
PMID 33656224
Title Management of infants born to mothers with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in the delivery room: A tentative proposal 2020
Author(s) nameHosono S, Isayama T, Sugiura T, Kusakawa I, Kamei Y, Ibara S, Tamura M; Neonatal Resuscitation Committee, Japan Society of Perinatal, Neonatal Medicine.
Journal Pediatr Int
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Date of publishing2021 Mar 3
Close contact with patients induces psychological stress in staff which regulates the immune response through hormones.
PMID 33618296
Title Immune response of frontline medical workers providing medical support for Wuhan COVID-19 patients, China
Author(s) nameYang J, Wang Q, Zhang S, Li Z, Jiang W.
Journal Int Immunopharmacol
Impact factor3.38
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Date of publishing2021 Feb 16
Resolve issues like inappropriate training, lack of communication, and inadequate safety measures.
PMID 33172732
Title Nurses' perceptions and demands regarding COVID-19 care delivery in critical care units and hospital emergency services
Author(s) nameGonzález-Gil MT, González-Blázquez C, Parro-Moreno AI, Pedraz-Marcos A, Palmar-Santos A, Otero-García L, Navarta-Sánchez MV, Alcolea-Cosín MT, Argüello-López MT, Canalejas-Pérez C, Carrillo-Camacho ME, Casillas-Santana ML, Díaz-Martínez ML, García-González A, García-Perea E, Martínez-Marcos M, Martínez-Martín ML, Palazuelos-Puerta MDP, Sellán-Soto C, Oter-Quintana C.
Journal Intensive Crit Care Nurs
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Date of publishing2021 Feb
Evaluate the process and make final decisions to implement the changes and provide safety to team members.
PMID 33589506
Title Protected code blue: using in situ simulation to develop a protected code blue and modify staff training protocol- experience in a large community teaching hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic
Author(s) nameYoussef FA, Patel M, Park H, Patel JV, Leo J, Tanios MA.
Journal BMJ Open Qual
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Date of publishing2021 Feb
Implement proper guidelines for the protection of healthcare workers and decrease the infection rate.
PMID 33174768
Title Sacrificed: Ontario Healthcare Workers in the Time of COVID-19
Author(s) nameBrophy JT, Keith MM, Hurley M, McArthur JE.
Journal New Solut
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Date of publishing2021 Feb
Long working hours and infection spread are affecting the health of healthcare workers. Provide mental and physical health by improving working conditions.
PMID 33422035
Title Working conditions and health status of 6,317 front line public health workers across five provinces in China during the COVID-19 epidemic: a cross-sectional study
Author(s) nameLi J, Xu J, Zhou H, You H, Wang X, Li Y, Liang Y, Li S, Ma L, Zeng J, Cai H, Xie J, Pan C, Hao C, Gilmour S, Lau JT, Hao Y, Xu DR, Gu J.
Journal BMC Public Health
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 9
Develop recommendations and comply with them to ensure the safety of newborns.
PMID 33521167
Title Epidemiology, management and risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a cohort of newborns born to mothers diagnosed with COVID-19 infection
Author(s) nameSolís-García G, Gutiérrez-Vélez A, Pescador Chamorro I, Zamora-Flores E, Vigil-Vázquez S, Rodríguez-Corrales E, Sánchez-Luna M.
Journal An Pediatr (Engl Ed)
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 26
Implement PPE protocols to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients.
PMID 33496074
Title The use of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic in a tertiary pediatric hospital
Author(s) nameDibbs RP, Ferry AM, Enochs J, Ward A, Glover CD, Archer N, Taylor KD, Almaguer-Bravo J, Hollier LH Jr.
Journal J Healthc Risk Manag
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 25
Proper management plans, training of staff, and adequate workforce provide standards of care to patients.
PMID 33296510
Title COVID-19 and residential aged care: priorities for optimising preparation and management of outbreaks
Author(s) nameAitken GE, Holmes AL, Ibrahim JE.
Journal Med J Aust
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Date of publishing2021 Jan
Interventions such as communication protocols and adequate personal protective equipment reduce the stress level of healthcare workers.
PMID 33661989
Title Assessing the knowledge, attitude and perception on workplace readiness regarding COVID-19 among healthcare providers in Ethiopia-An internet-based survey
Author(s) nameGebreselassie AF, Bekele A, Tatere HY, Wong R.
Journal PLoS One
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Date of publishing2021
Improve mental health by following strategies to overcome stress levels.
PMID 33270881
Title COVID-19 is having a destructive impact on health-care workers' mental well-being
Author(s) nameVanhaecht K, Seys D, Bruyneel L, Cox B, Kaesemans G, Cloet M, Van Den Broeck K, Cools O, De Witte A, Lowet K, Hellings J, Bilsen J, Lemmens G, Claes S.
Journal Int J Qual Health Care
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Date of publishing2020 Dec 3
Awareness about personal protective equipment (PPE) among healthcare workers is required to prevent viral transmission as it acts as a barrier.
PMID 33390860
Title Knowledge of Handling the Personal protective equipment (PPE) by frontline Allied Health professionals in COVID-19 outbreak- A Web-based Survey Study
Author(s) nameOjha S, Debnath M, Sharma D, Niraula A.
Journal J Radiol Nurs
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Date of publishing2020 Dec 26
Follow guidelines while dressing and undressing personal protective equipment for safety purposes.
PMID 32671432
Title COVID-19 pandemic: management of patients affected by SARS-CoV-2 in Rome COVID Hospital 2 Trauma Centre and safety of our surgical team
Author(s) nameDe Mauro D, Rovere G, Smimmo A, Meschini C, Mocini F, Maccauro G, Falez F, Liuzza F, Ziranu A.
Journal Int Orthop
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Date of publishing2020 Dec
Follow precautions and split workplace staff to lower the risk of transmission of the virus.
PMID 32926883
Title Staff rostering, split team arrangement, social distancing (physical distancing) and use of personal protective equipment to minimize risk of workplace transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic: A simulation study
Author(s) nameLim CY, Bohn MK, Lippi G, Ferrari M, Loh TP, Yuen KY, Adeli K, Horvath AR; IFCC Task Force on COVID-19.
Journal Clin Biochem
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Date of publishing2020 Dec
Use prophylactic dressings such as ear saver strap and nasal straps to reduce the skin injuries associated with personal protective equipment.
PMID 33187790
Title Determination of the effect of prophylactic dressing on the prevention of skin injuries associated with personal protective equipments in health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic
Author(s) nameYıldız A, Karadağ A, Yıldız A, Çakar V.
Journal J Tissue Viability
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Date of publishing2020 Nov 1
Check the effectiveness and adhere to standards while using protective equipment. Treat the condition appropriately to prevent the severity.
PMID 33174266
Title Contact dermatitis due to masks and respirators during COVID-19 pandemic: What we should know and what we should do
Author(s) nameDi Altobrando A, La Placa M, Neri I, Piraccini BM, Vincenzi C.
Journal Dermatol Ther
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Date of publishing2020 Nov
Recommendations for safe medical practices lower the chances of cross-infection and provide better patient care.
PMID 32195699
Title Perioperative Management of Patients Infected with the Novel Coronavirus
Author(s) nameChen X, Liu Y, Gong Y, Guo X, Zuo M, Li J, Shi W, Li H, Xu X, Mi W, Huang Y; Chinese Society of Anesthesiology, Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists.
Journal Anesthesiology
Impact factor5.06
Citation count82
Date of publishing2020 Jun
Develop an algorithm to ensure the safety of health care workers.
PMID 32247836
Title Precautions for Operating Room Team Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s) nameForrester JD, Nassar AK, Maggio PM, Hawn MT.
Journal J Am Coll Surg
Impact factor4.18
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Date of publishing2020 Jun
Infection control measures implementation, personal protection, and adequate staff training protect health care workers from the virus.
PMID 32208140
Title The Battle Against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Emergency Management and Infection Control in a Radiology Department.
Author(s) nameHuang Z, Zhao S, Li Z, Chen W, Zhao L, Deng L, Song B.
Journal J Am Coll Radiol
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Date of publishing2020 Jun
Healthcare worker's mental health is required to deal with the pandemic. Healthcare worker's protection further improves the management of patients.
PMID 32393381
Title Perceived infection transmission routes, infection control practices, psychosocial changes, and management of COVID-19 infected healthcare workers in a tertiary acute care hospital in Wuhan: a cross-sectional survey
Author(s) nameJin YH, Huang Q, Wang YY, Zeng XT, Luo LS, Pan ZY, Yuan YF, Chen ZM, Cheng ZS, Huang X, Wang N, Li BH, Zi H, Zhao MJ, Ma LL, Deng T, Wang Y, Wang XH.
Journal Mil Med Res
Impact factor1.73
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Date of publishing2020 May 11
Formulated recommendations for airborne precautions, planning workforce, PPE usage, and effective management of the patients.
PMID 32312646
Title Physiotherapy management for COVI-19 in the acute hospital setting: clinical practice recommendations
Author(s) nameThomas P, Baldwin C, Bissett B, Boden I, Gosselink R, Granger CL, Hodgson C, Jones AY, Kho ME, Moses R, Ntoumenopoulos G, Parry SM, Patman S, van der Lee L.
Journal J Physiother
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Date of publishing2020 Apr
To minimize the risk, healthcare workers should adhere to Infection prevention and control (IPC) measures in managing patients.
PMID 33213266
Title Healthcare Workers Exposure Risk Assessment: A Survey among Frontline Workers in Designated COVID-19 Treatment Centers in Ghana
Author(s) nameAshinyo ME, Dubik SD, Duti V, Amegah KE, Ashinyo A, Larsen-Reindorf R, Kaba Akoriyea S, Kuma-Aboagye P.
Journal J Prim Care Community Health
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Date of publishing2020 Jan-Dec
Better airway management provides protection and safety of patients and healthcare workers.
PMID 33165885
Title COVID-19: Airway management considerations
Author(s) nameHerman J, Viswanath O, Urits I.
Journal Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther
Impact factor1.23
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Date of publishing2020
Provide regular training and obtain feedback from healthcare workers to improve the quality of care provided to patients.
PMID 33189598
Title Knowledge, attitudes and practices of healthcare workers within an Australian tertiary hospital to managing high-consequence infectious diseases
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