Hospital management

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Key Findings
Guarantee access to medicines and prevent a shortage to ensure better public health.
PMID 33579877
Title Healthcare risk management during the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic in the European Union: The guaranteed access to medicines
Author(s) nameEnríquez-Fernández S, Del Castillo-Rodríguez C.
Journal Int J Risk Saf Med
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Date of publishing2021 Feb 11
Remote control of medical devices decreases unnecessary interventions, provides patient safety, reduces the risk of exposure and consumption of personal protective equipment.
PMID 33157307
Title Preventing infectious diseases in Intensive Care Unit by medical devices remote control: Lessons from COVID-19
Author(s) nameGarzotto F, Comoretto RI, Ostermann M, Nalesso F, Gregori D, Bonavina MG, Zanardo G, Meneghesso G.
Journal J Crit Care
Impact factor2.83
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Date of publishing2021 Feb
A sufficient number of health care workers with adequate skills controls the pandemic.
PMID 33407965
Title Infection prevention and control during COVID-19 pandemic: realities from health care workers in a north central state in Nigeria
Author(s) nameIlesanmi OS, Afolabi AA, Akande A, Raji T, Mohammed A.
Journal Epidemiol Infect
Impact factor2.01
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 7
Provide staff and adequate material resources to nurses to improve work and quality of life of patients.
PMID 33401340
Title Intensive care nurses' experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study
Author(s) nameFernández-Castillo RJ, González-Caro MD, Fernández-García E, Porcel-Gálvez AM, Garnacho-Montero J.
Journal Nurs Crit Care
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 5
Implement PPE protocols to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients.
PMID 33496074
Title The use of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic in a tertiary pediatric hospital
Author(s) nameDibbs RP, Ferry AM, Enochs J, Ward A, Glover CD, Archer N, Taylor KD, Almaguer-Bravo J, Hollier LH Jr.
Journal J Healthc Risk Manag
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 25
VAPCare is a safe and easy to use the device for intubated patients. It mimics the interaction with infected patients by reducing aerosols generation, consumes less PPE, and saves time for staff.
PMID 33432704
Title Smart secretion management to protect nurses from COVID19 and other infectious diseases
Author(s) nameSaseedharan S, Karanam R, Kadam V, Shirsekar S.
Journal Nurs Crit Care
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Date of publishing2021 Jan 11
Ensure the safety and wellbeing of pharmacists who provide appropriate care to the patients.
PMID 33317761
Title Personal protective practices and pharmacy services delivery by community pharmacists during COVID-19 pandemic: Results from a national survey
Author(s) nameZaidi STR, Hasan SS.
Journal Res Social Adm Pharm
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Date of publishing2021 Jan
Assess and follow early prevention measures to minimize the risk of transmission and to reduce anxiety among staff.
PMID 33289930
Title Maximizing Participant and Staff Safety During Assessment of Physical Function in the COVID-19 Era
Author(s) nameStorer TW, Latham NK, Bhasin S.
Journal J Am Geriatr Soc
Impact factor4.19
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Date of publishing2021 Jan
Following guidelines such as wearing a mask prevent transmission.
PMID 32372736
Title Wearing face masks regardless of symptoms is crucial for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals.
Author(s) nameLee JK, Jeong HW.
Journal Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol
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Date of publishing2021 Jan
Initiate infection control measures and create awareness to reduce infection. Enhanced ventilation limits the spread of the virus.
PMID 33270076
Title SARS-CoV-2 indoor contamination: considerations on anti-COVID-19 management of ventilation systems, and finishing materials in healthcare facilities
Author(s) nameGola M, Caggiano G, De Giglio O, Napoli C, Diella G, Carlucci M, Carpagnano LF, D'Alessandro D, Joppolo CM, Capolongo S, Montagna MT.
Journal Ann Ig
Impact factor1.26
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Date of publishing2020 Dec 4
Evaluate the performance of health institutions to improve patient's quality of life. Provides safety, quality service, and minimize risks.
PMID 33197156
Title The importance of quality and accreditation in health care services in the process of struggle against Covid-19
Author(s) nameGökmen Kavak D, Öksüz AS, Cengiz C, Kayral İH, Çizmeci Şenel F.
Journal Turk J Med Sci
Impact factor0.62
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Date of publishing2020 Dec 17
Assess the risk and manage patients by implementing infection control measures.
PMID 33457308
Title Strategic management of pediatric intensive care unit in a tertiary children's hospital in southwest China during the COVID-19 pandemic
Author(s) nameZeng P, Luo X, Zeng W, Qiu D, Zhang L, Zhou Q, Wang T, Xiong Z.
Journal Transl Pediatr
Impact factor1.31
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Date of publishing2020 Dec
Monitoring, revision, and implementation of plans are required to face the epidemic.
PMID 33181873
Title Re-organising primary health care to respond to the Coronavirus epidemic in Cape Town, South Africa
Author(s) nameMash R, Goliath C, Perez G.
Journal Afr J Prim Health Care Fam Med
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Date of publishing2020 Nov 5
Design high-quality PPE and educate about the usage of PPE to safeguard healthcare personnel and reduce transmission.
PMID 33235088
Title Barriers to using personal protective equipment by healthcare staff during the COVID-19 outbreak in China
Author(s) nameFan J, Jiang Y, Hu K, Chen X, Xu Q, Qi Y, Yin H, Gou X, Liang S.
Journal Medicine (Baltimore)
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Date of publishing2020 Nov 25
Manage the patients based on severity and prevent mortality.
PMID 33233324
Title Pre-Hospital Management of Critically Ill Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Retrospective Multicenter Study
Author(s) nameLe Borgne P, Oberlin M, Bassand A, Abensur Vuillaume L, Gottwalles Y, Noizet M, Gennai S, Baicry F, Jaeger D, Girerd N, Lefebvre F, Bilbault P, Chouihed T.
Journal J Clin Med
Impact factor6.78
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Date of publishing2020 Nov 21
Radiofrequency identification (RFID) improves the efficiency and safety of staff and the public by controlling infections.
PMID 33187955
Title Mitigating staff risk in the workplace: the use of RFID technology during a COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
Author(s) nameMehta S, Grant K, Atlin C, Ackery A.
Journal BMJ Health Care Inform
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Date of publishing2020 Nov
Monitoring and managing PPE consumption provide safety to healthcare workers in high-risk areas.
PMID 33154097
Title Bundled interventions for consumption management and monitoring of personal protective equipment in COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong local hospitals
Author(s) nameKwan WM, Mok CK, Kwok YT, Lam HW, Chan KH, Law TS, Leung PM, Mak MY, Que TL, Tang YH.
Journal BMJ Open Qual
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Date of publishing2020 Nov
Effective ventilation system, along with particle filtration and air disinfection in recirculated air, reduces transmission of indoor airborne infection.
PMID 32521345
Title How can airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors be minimised?
Author(s) nameMorawska L, Tang JW, Bahnfleth W, Bluyssen PM, Boerstra A, Buonanno G, Cao J, Dancer S, Floto A, Franchimon F, Haworth C, Hogeling J, Isaxon C, Jimenez JL, Kurnitski J, Li Y, Loomans M, Marks G, Marr LC, Mazzarella L, Melikov AK, Miller S, Milton DK, Nazaroff W, Nielsen PV, Noakes C, Peccia J, Querol X, Sekhar C, Seppänen O, Tanabe SI, Tellier R, Tham KW, Wargocki P, Wierzbicka A, Yao M.
Journal Environ Int
Impact factor8.17
Citation count60
Date of publishing2020 Sep
Team members proposed recommendations helpful for treating COVID-19 patients based on the evidence present in the literature.
PMID 32224769
Title Surviving Sepsis Campaign: guidelines on the management of critically ill adults with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Author(s) nameAlhazzani W, Møller MH, Arabi YM, Loeb M, Gong MN, Fan E, Oczkowski S, Levy MM, Derde L, Dzierba A, Du B, Aboodi M, Wunsch H, Cecconi M, Koh Y, Chertow DS, Maitland K, Alshamsi F, Belley-Cote E, Greco M, Laundy M, Morgan JS, Kesecioglu J, McGeer A, Mermel L, Mammen MJ, Alexander PE, Arrington A, Centofanti JE, Citerio G, Baw B, Memish ZA, Hammond N, Hayden FG, Evans L, Rhodes A.
Journal Crit Care Med
Impact factor7.442
Citation count196
Date of publishing2020 Jun
Infection control measures implementation, personal protection, and adequate staff training protect health care workers from the virus.
PMID 32208140
Title The Battle Against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Emergency Management and Infection Control in a Radiology Department.
Author(s) nameHuang Z, Zhao S, Li Z, Chen W, Zhao L, Deng L, Song B.
Journal J Am Coll Radiol
Impact factor2.13
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Date of publishing2020 Jun
Follow disinfection guidelines and implement infection control measures for better patient care.
PMID 32267047
Title Special considerations for the management of COVID-19 pediatric patients in the operating room and pediatric intensive care unit in a tertiary hospital in Singapore
Author(s) nameThampi S, Yap A, Fan L, Ong J.
Journal Paediatr Anaesth
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Date of publishing2020 Jun
Implement infection prevention and control measures, and maintain water sanitation and hygiene to provide better care to the patient.
PMID 33204846
Title Infection prevention and control during COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities for kenyan public hospitals
Author(s) nameMaina M, Tosas-Auguet O, English M, Schultsz C, McKnight J.
Journal Wellcome Open Res
Impact factor1.86
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Date of publishing2020
Pharmacists, along with other healthcare groups, improve patient safety, provide positive outcomes, and better therapy options.
PMID 33364224
Title Multilevel Engagements of Pharmacists During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Way Forward
Author(s) nameMallhi TH, Liaqat A, Abid A, Khan YH, Alotaibi NH, Alzarea AI, Tanveer N, Khan TM.
Journal Front Public Health
Impact factor1.68
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Date of publishing2020
Plan community actions and promote protective behaviors for better health outcomes.
PMID 33575243
Title Community Participation Approaches for Effective National COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response: An Experience From Oman
Author(s) nameAl Siyabi H, Al Mukhaini S, Kanaan M, Al Hatmi S, Al Anqoudi Z, Al Kalbani A, Al Bahri Z, Wannous C, Al Awaidy ST.
Journal Front Public Health
Impact factor1.68
Citation count1
Date of publishing2020
Prevent cross-infection by early detection and taking necessary measures.
PMID 33284879
Title Hospital emergency management plan during 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic in non-epidemic areas
Author(s) nameXu L, Xia D, Hu M, Qi Z, Zhang L, Chen Y, Lu X, Xu S.
Journal Int J Clin Exp Pathol
Impact factor0.19
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Date of publishing2020